New! Latest project

New! Latest project
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                                                      Airpower's latest project.

This project was done for a techincal school in Conecticut.  They aquired a Nissan Skyline, like one of the cars that were featured in the movie Fast and Furious.  They normally use vinal graphics but decided to step it up this time. We came up with a design using painted panels that looks like carbon fiber and feature the schools web address in a sharp classy way.  The challange was to create a carbon fiber look with paint.  I think we succeded but most important, the client does as well. Enjoy and as usual any comments appreciated.

                     Initial sketch presented to POCboard w/ CF and lettering samples

     Skyline as we received itLaying out our patterns

Ready for some paint!  Now just buff and drive           

                     On display at local Mall

                                         Close up to see detail

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